The potential of Podcasts

The potential of Podcasts

Writing the title of this article make me realise that the potential of podcasts are not well understood by the majority of web site owners and there is a really great opportunuity to harness the potential of podcasts.

The opportunity – hosting site that support Podcasts are strong in terms of authority scores DA and appear to be spam free. Also many of these appear to be free at least at the current time and better still have distribution networks that very quickly allow your content to be syndicated around the internet. Using two platforms I’ve been able to accumulate around 16 links from sites with a DA of 60+. Some of the links obtained are dofollow whilst others are nofollow, but considering they were easy to obtain its a good result.

You need to invest your time into producing interesting content so you attract real listeners and subscribers in doing so the viral potential of your podcasts can be realised.

Here are some of the links I am talking about

Anchor FM – one of the platforms

Buzzsprout – Another platform

A strong site which seems to be really good as it includes a directory and community where you can follow and comment on other podcasts is podomatic, its a fun name and has the same blue colour scheme as our podcast artwork.

Example of syndicated content.

Google Podcasts – My content on Google

I’ve posted about podcasting in a few of my other sites recently here are a selection of my posts.

The power of podcasting

Realising the potential of podcasting

So there you have it a new idea and effective way to market your site.

What I am finding is the quality of the sites in the podcast niche are high and they also enjoy really strong Domain Authority scores, which given how spammy many niches are these days is really encouraging and positive.


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